Cascade de Clairefontaine à Virieu-le-GrandCascade de Clairefontaine à Virieu-le-Grand
©Cascade de Clairefontaine à Virieu-le-Grand|Isabelle Santos Cantero

Clairefontaine Waterfall

Freshness, calm and serenity emerge from this waterfall praised by Honoré d’Urfé. On the heights of Virieu-le-Grand, Clairefontaine can be discovered during a pleasant walk.

A poetic name for an idyllic setting, the author Honoré D’Urfé described it in the Sireine, a poem of his loves for the times gone by.

Accessible on foot from Virieu-le-Grand, it is by walking up the course of the Arène that you can discover this waterfall in the forest.

This hiking trail also get you to discover the historic center of Virieu-le-Grand by walking up the Arène river to the majestic Clairefontaine waterfall located in the forest.

This hike is accessible from the Virieu-le-Grand Belley train station located on the Lyon – Geneva railroad line.

Please note that swimming and barbecues are prohibited.