Cascade du Pain de sucre dans le ValromeyCascade du Pain de sucre dans le Valromey
©Cascade du Pain de sucre dans le Valromey|Laurent Madelon

The Sugar Loaf in Valromey

Named “Pain de sucre” in French, this curious conical stalagmite of 6 meters high is located in a spacious recess, built during years and years by the very calcareous local waters. It becomes a splendid waterfall when the water flows on the cone.

Pain de Sucre: a natural and sensitive site

The “Pain de Sucre” is part of the numerous geological curiosities of Valromey and is a natural sensitive site.

To protect this sensitive and beautiful site, it is forbidden to bathe in the river or in the basin at the foot of the stalagmite. It is forbidden to picnic on the site.

Do not confuse when writing Pain de sucre on your GPS as there is another one nearby. Pain de Sucre de Surjoux is another geological curiosity located on the other side of the mountain. This Sugar Loaf located in the Valromey is situated between the villages of Champagne-en-Valromey and Arvière-en-Valromey.

Discover the Sugar Loaf waterfall during a bike ride:

Bike tour: Geological curiosities of Valromey is a 37 km bike loop practicable with hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and gravels starting from Artemare. This loop located on the southern part of the Valromey will lead you from one geological curiosity to another with the possibility of accessing the Cerveyrieu waterfall, the Thurignin Gorges, the Groin spring and the Sugar Loaf.

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Focus on...

Bugey-Valromey Museum

in Lochieu

A museum to discover the different parts of Bugey and understand its local life: crafts, customs, famous people, wildlife, landscape… Not to mention its amazing collection of turned wood artworks.

Installed in a carefully preserved Renaissance house, at the foot of the Grand Colombier, the Bugey-Valromey museum invites you to a journey through Bugey from the 19th century to the present day.

Bugey is also a territory of nature, the panorama from the museum is a beautiful example. Its landscapes have always inspired artists and its valleys have inspired hikers.

A rich program combining quality and conviviality punctuates the season for all tastes and all ages.

La fruitière du Valromey

in Virieu-le-Petit

La Fruitière du Valromey is a dairy selling the tastiest local cheeses and other milk products: Comté, tomme, raclette, butter, cream, etc

It is equipped with a tour area explaining the manufacture of Comté, an exhibition room and a store.

Located at the foot of the Grand Colombier, 14 local farms produce 300 tons of Comté, the equivalent of 3 million liters of milk.
Other 2 millions of milk are used to make other sorts of cheese (raw milk raclette, tomme …), white cheese, butter and cream. Part of the production is organic.

Guided tours are organized on fixed dates by the Bugey Sud Grand Colombier Tourist Office.

Frequently asked questions
  • Is the Sugarloaf waterfall easily accessible?

    The Sugarloaf waterfall is located a few dozen meters from the road, a small parking lot is easily accessible. A staircase of a few dozen steps leads to the waterfall.

  • Does the Sugarloaf waterfall flow all year round?

    The water level of the Pain de sucre waterfall varies a lot throughout the year, it can even freeze in winter when the temperatures are very cold! It also happens that the river gets dry in summer during periods of drought.