Station des Plans d'Hotonnes sur le Plateau de RetordStation des Plans d'Hotonnes sur le Plateau de Retord
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Outdoor activities in les Plans d’Hotonnes

The resort of Les Plans d’Hotonnes on the Plateau de Retord has an ideal setting for the practice of outdoor sports, many activities are available all year round!

Biathlon Stadium

Sports area of Plans d'Hotonnes

A privileged training place for biathletes, the stadium is accessible to all by reservation for the practice of wheel skiing, rollerblading and to learn about biathlon. It is also a place dedicated to adapted and handisport teams.

Initiation to biathlon for all:

All year round, follow in the footsteps of Olympic medalists from the Plateau such as Sandrine Bailly & Simon Desthieux by putting yourself in the shoes of a biathlete. Supervised by a certified instructor from skiing school des Plans d’Hotonnes, the initiation can be done in many possible sports: on skis in winter or on foot, in summer in sneakers (walking / jogging), rollerskis, rollerblading, but also cycling. The introduction to biathlon is a fun and friendly time accessible from 8 years (laser shooting).

Practice of rollerskiing / roller:

– The biathlon stadium is also open for the practice without shooting of rollerskiing, roller (subject to availability, reservation required). The skiing school also organises introductory and advanced wheel skiing all year round by reservation. Rental of equipment possible at the Servi’Nature store opposite the stadium.

Club practice, training camps and sports training:

– The biathlon stadium is a space dedicated to future athletes, and biathletes, for this reason, sportsmen and women will have a privileged place on the biathlon stadium of Les Plans d’Hotonnes on reservation.

Access to the shooting range:

– The shooting range of the Plans d’Hotonnes biathlon stadium is strictly subject to the biathlon regulations of the French Ski Federation.

Access to the stadium by reservation with the Syndicat Mixte du Plateau de Retord by email at

Mountain biking

on the Plateau de Retord

MTB base and multiday cycling on the Grande traversée du Jura.

The MTB base of Bugey has 22 loops with 7 different starting points from the Plateau de Retord to the Plateau d’Hauteville.
Discover the Plateau de Retord by mountain bike or eMTB through its 5 loops from 9 to 26 km starting from Les Plans d’Hotonnes. Mountain bike andeMTB rental is possible at Servi’Nature in Les Plans d’Hotonnes.

Grande Traversée du Jura is a MTB trail of about 400 km linking Mandeure to Culoz at the foot of the Grand Colombier.
Following the Jura mountains, the GTJ splits in Les Plans d’Hotonnes and offers two variants to its users to reach its southern end at the Culoz train station. It is possible to cross the Grand Colombier on a more direct trail with more elevation gain or to follow the Planachat ridges between Valromey and Plateau d’Hauteville on a slightly longer route.

Weekend Idea: both variants can be ridden on a 100 km loop.


on the Plateau de Retord

Fun orienteering courses for families:
Because it’s not always easy to motivate kids to go hiking, Fun Orienteering Course are just the thing for you. Go all together on a quest to find the different control posts.

Hike to know more about local history:
The Maquis trail is a thematic trail on the footsteps of the first maquis of the Ain starting from the resort of Plans d’Hotonnes or the village of Hotonnes. Relive the history of the WW2 Resistance on Retord thanks to the information panels retracing the history of various points of interest found along the circuit.

Nature and sports hikes:
Recognized for their panoramas of Mont Blanc and the Alps chain the hikes of the Ronde des Plans and Tour de Retord offer you an excursion between the forests and ridges of this southern end of the Jura massif.

Guided hikes:
To live the experience even more intensely, themed outings are organized throughout the year.
– HistoireS de RésistanceS: commented hike of the Maquis trail, on the Plateau de Retord. (Only in French).
– Forest baths, orienteering initiations, Nordic walking… with Activ’Plein air.
– Trapper’s outings, nature games, memory hikes, wilderness survival.. with Montagne Aventure.
– Photo hikes, gourmet hikes, Retord heritage discovery hikes… with Montagne Expériences by ESF.
– Night hikes, sensory hikes, orientation initiations… with Impulsion.
– Alpine pasture hikes with At the rhythm of the herd.
– Cani-cross outings with Scintiller au fil des saisons.


A sport for everyone, Orienteering allows you to combine intellectual and physical activities. Alone or with the family, from children to veterans, everyone can enjoy walking in the middle of nature, or finding the markers as quickly as possible on an adapted course.

The permanent heritage courses of the Plans d’Hotonnes:
Go in search of the 11 easy level markers arranged along a circuit of 4.5 km. The 2 maps go with a fun questionnaire (only in French), a question about the resort of Plans d’Hotonnes and the Plateau de Retord is asked on each marker. The children’s course and the adult course are identical, only the questions change!

The Orienteering leisure area of the Plans d’Hotonnes:
Go in search of the markers of the permanent green and blue courses of the Orienteering leisure area of the Plans d’Hotonnes.

Training courses and training:
If you are a club and want to practice Orienteering on the OOcup 2018 and 2020 courses, you can find the OOcup map library and organize your club course on the Plateau de Retord by contacting the Ain departmental orienteering committee.
+33 (0)7 89 45 60 10

Road bike

Les Plans d’Hotonnes: base camp for discovering the Grand Colombier and all the local climbs.

Equipped with several cyclists welcome accommodations and a bike rental store, the resort of Les Plans d’Hotonnes is an ideal starting point for cyclists wishing to take on the Grand Colombier and enjoy on the small, low-traffic roads of Bugey. Often part of the Tour de France, should be on your to-do list of climbs: col de la Biche, col de Richemont, col de Cuvery, col de Bérentin , col de Belleroche, col de Cuvillat, col de la Rochette and many others near the Grand Colombier.

Ain's Temps Loisirs

Rental of all-terrain electric scooters and Swincar:
Activity with guaranteed sensations, the practice of the all-terrain electric scooter is done in accompanied ride (minimum 4 people) or in all-terrain initiation, on closed and supervised circuit from 1m 40 (15 years).
Discover the swincar, all-terrain electric vehicle in accompanied ride or all-terrain initiation, on closed and supervised circuit. The Swincar is an activity adapted to people with reduced mobility, only if accompanied. The driver must be over 18 years old and hold a driver’s license.

Wellness area:
Norwegian bath, traditional sauna and massages await you! In the heart of the resort of Les Plans d’Hotonnes, you will have access to an open-air space, consisting of a refreshing 25-degree bath in summer or a 40-degree hot bath and a traditional sauna. You can also book foot or back reflexology massages, amma massages, shiatsu face massages and naturopathy advice. By reservation only, 24 hours in advance.

Eco-responsible local products store:
Alongside the rental part and the wellness area, enjoy a bar-restaurant part, a store of local products, crafts and souvenirs.

Focus on...

The sheepfold at the rhythm of the flock

Priscilla and Pierre invite you to discover their world of shepherds, their ewes and dairy goats through:

Visits to the sheepfold.
Hikes with the herd in the mountain pastures.
Farm table or farm snack.

On reservation at +33(0)6 70 71 55 71

Handi weekend

Nature lovers, leave for a weekend for two in the heart of nature!
Try unusual activities specially adapted for people with reduced mobility and enjoy a real moments of relaxation:
– Quadrix all-terrain wheelchairs (an adapted all-terrain wheelchair in autonomy on a dedicated circuit, with an electrically assisted mountain bike guide).
– Ride a Swincar Spider (100% electric vehicle and adapted to people with reduced mobility.)
– Biathlon, initiation to 10 m shooting with pellet rifle by the ESF at the international biathlon stadium of Les Plans d’Hotonnes.

Let us guide you

  • Can we park in Les Plans d'Hotonnes with a motor home?

    It is possible to park a motorhome in Les Plans d’Hotonnes.

    Parking area on the parking lot of the biathlon stadium at 400 meters possible all year long. A service terminal (emptying and water terminal) for motorhomes in the heart of the ski resort of Les Plans d’Hotonnes is in service (outside the winter season).

    Tokens on sale in the different shops of Les Plans d’Hotonnes.

  • Is the biathlon stadium of Les Plans d'Hotonnes accessible to all?

    The biathlon stadium is also accessible to the general public for rollerkiing, rollerblading, pedal karts on reservation at

  • Can I walk my dog on the Plateau de Retord?

    Yes, it is possible to walk with your dog onlyif it is kept on a leash. We thank you for not letting your dog loose so as not to disturb the tranquility of the many herds that graze the mountain pastures of the Plateau de Retord.

  • How to react to a patou / guard dog ?

    The guard dog is an important means of protecting the herd in the event of predation.

    Gestures to adopt.

    At the sight of the herd:

    – Slow down your pace, and signal to the dog. If you are on a bike, slow down and get off your bike, the rapid movement can lead to chase behavior.
    – Go around the herd whenever possible, as far as possible.
    – When approaching the dog, the goal is for him to identify you as human and not perceive aggression in your attitude or behavior: Stand still facing the dog, arms and hiking poles at your side, do not look directly into his eyes.
    Allow him time to identify you and reassure himself: talk to him, adopt calming signs.

    Behaviors to avoid:

    – You should not be familiar with a guard dog: caresses or food disturb him in his work.
    – Some attitudes that seem harmless to you such as shouting, caressing a lamb, taking a picture with a sheep can be interpreted as aggression by the guard dog.
    – Never threaten a guard dog with your sticks, with rocks or stare him in the eye…this will increase his stress towards you and may complicate his encounter with future hikers.

  • What are the rules to respect during a walk on the Plateau de Retord?

    The Plateau de Retord is a fabulous playground for outdoor sports, it is also a natural place as well as a place to live and work. Therefore, we thank every visitor to respect the following rules:
    – Keep your dog on a leash.
    – Close the gates.
    – Do not approach the herds, go around them.
    – Do not pet the animals or the dogs.
    – Do not feed them.
    – Be careful with the protection dogs.
    – Do not soil the water of the troughs.
    – Pick up your garbage.
    – Stay on marked trails, do not cross the hay meadows, rich and essential food for the animals.
    – Respect private property, the Plateau is composed of many isolated inhabited farms.
    – Do not make fires.
    – Do not camp anywhere you want.
    – Avoid picking up wild flowers.