Lac de BarterandLac de Barterand
©Lac de Barterand|Laurent Madelon

Lake Barterand

Swimming lake in summer, this natural lake is a popular fishing spot for enthusiasts. Several hikes get you to explore this Sensitive Natural Area and to admire the legends of Bugey carved in the rock on its banks.

Your Summer swimming spot

Natural lake located at the foot of the Grand Colombier and nestled between the winegrowing villages, Lake Barterand (also called Lake Saint Champ by the locals) is accessible all year round, swimming is supervised in July-August (access to the beach is not free).

Lake Barterand was labeled “sensible area” in 2017. Real natural and landscape jewels, the site is managed in such a way that preserve the biodiversity they host and adapt its opening to the public.

Paddle boarding and canoeing are not allowed.

The sculpted rocks

The lake is an interesting place of experimentation for the art of stone sculpting.

A giant sculpture representing the legends of Bugey and in particular here to Gargantua are sculpted on one of the sides of the lake.
This work required initially, the cutting of the rock in order to remove part of the hard limestone. Subsequently, 7 sculptors, from all over France, were mobilized to create this work where you can identofy: Gargantua the giant good man and gourmet who opens the rock with his powerful hands.

The bunches of grapes are a nod to the wines of Bugey and the spirit of Bugist conviviality. It then turns into drops and then into a stream bathing the Vouivre, a half-charming, half-evil character from the mists of the marsh.

The sculptures are located north of Lake Barterand, opposite the beach. The lake and vineyards and Lake Barterand hikes get you to discover this unusual place.


Fishing lake in the heart of Bugey, you can fish lavaret, trout, pike, carp, roach or perch.

The boat fishing is allowed with the purchase of a specific permit.

The use of an electric motor is allowed, thermal engines are prohibited.

Focus on...

The lake and vineyard hike

Starting from the lake, this hike will make you discover the small winegrowing villages and vineyards of Bugey.

This family loop in the middle of the vineyards will take you from the sculpted rocks of the lake of Barterand, to the winegrowing villages of Vongnes and Marignieu.
Markings: follow the green buttons with the initials “LV”.

The circuit is detailed on a map for sale in the offices of the Tourist Office.