Cyclistes profitant du panorama au sommet du Grand Colombier lors d'une journée cycloCyclistes profitant du panorama au sommet du Grand Colombier lors d'une journée cyclo
©Cyclistes profitant du panorama au sommet du Grand Colombier lors d'une journée cyclo|Laurent Madelon

Panoramic views of the Alps

Top 3 of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Grand Colombier Massif

The ascent of the Grand Colombier promises unique panoramas of the Alpine chain! On a clear day, the three Alpine lakes, Lake Bourget, Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva are outlined before your eyes.
On the other side: Valromey, its green pastures and its herds will have you wanting to explore the local countryside!

The Orientation Table

of the Grand Colombier Cross
A 360° view just a few minutes from the pass

Easily accessible within a few minutes walk from the col du Grand Colombier parking lot, the recently refurbished orientation table is located at the famous cross.

From the orientation table, on a clear day, you will be able to see:
– 3 Alpine lakes (Lake Bourget, Lake Annecy as well as Lake Geneva).
Will you be able to distinguish the famous 140 meters fountain in Geneva?
– The Mont Blanc, the highest summit of the Alps culminating at 4810 meters is 80 kilometers east of the Grand Colombier.
– The alpine massifs: Chablais, Mont Blanc, Bauges, Belledonne, Chartreuse, Vercors…
– The extension of the Massif Jurassien more to the north.
– The valley of Valromey to the west.

To make the most of it

The orientation table

of Fenestrez
a plunging view on the lake of Bourget

Privileged location overlooking the town of Culoz, the Fenestrez viewpoint offers a plunging view of the Bourget lake, the Bugey, the Rhône, Culoz and in the distance the Belledonne range.

  • Accessible by car via the D120 from Culoz (outside the winter period).
  • Accessible by road bike on the way up by the Grand Colombier laces from Culoz or from Anglefort.
  • Accessible on foot from Culoz by the GR9. (8 km ascent with 945 meters of positive elevation gain).


To make the most of it
  • Panorama overlooking the Lac du Bourget and the Alps.
  • Furnished with picnic tables.
  • Sheltered from the wind.

Discover this view on a multi-day hiking or mountain biking trip.

The Fenestrez viewpoint is located at the southern end of the Grande Traversée du Jura walking and mountain biking route! It is with the descent to Culoz the last reward before reaching the terminus of an adventure of several hundred kilometers.


from Col de la Biche

Neighboring the Col du Grand Colombier to the north, the Col de la Biche is also located in the Massif du Grand Colombier. On foot or by bike, all means are good to enjoy the fresh air and the exceptional panoramas offered by these ridge lines.

  • Hiking: the loops Crêtes de Sur Lyand and Crêtes d’Hergues are two different hiking trails of about 9 km.
  • By bike: a stunning panorama as a reward after 13 km of climbing for 950 meters of elevation gain from Gignez and 7 km of climbing for 625 meters of elevation gain from Brénaz.


To make the most of it
  • Hiking trails are of moderate difficulty.
  • Find fields covered with wild flowers in spring spring.
  • Possibility to enjoy food and views from the Chalet d’Arvières.
  • Possibility to eat at the Chalet d’Arvières in the middle of the hike.

Starting point for several hikes and one of the best cycling climb in France, the Col de la Biche and its balcony over the Alps offers a magnificent playground for hikers and cyclists.
The two access roads to the top of the climb are popular for cyclists as the traffic is very low.