Pêche au lac de Virieu le GrandPêche au lac de Virieu le Grand
©Pêche au lac de Virieu le Grand|Laurent Madelon

Best fishing spots

Lakes, ponds, rivers or even the Rhone River, choose your favorite fishing spots in Bugey!

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Pêche dans le RhônePêche dans le Rhône
©Pêche dans le Rhône
  • Is it possible to fish in the Rhône?

    – Yes, in Bugey Sud, fishing on the Rhône, public domain 2nd category, is authorized in the following villages: Culoz, Lavours, Cressin-Rochefort, Massignieu-de-Rives, Nattages, Magnieu, Belley, Brens, Virignin, Murs-Gélignieux and Saint-Benoit.

  • What types of fish can be found in the Rhône river?

    – Salmonids, carnivores, whitefish, eels, burbot and catfish are caught.

  • Can we fish at night?

    In Bugey Sud, night fishing is practiced at lake Barterand (in Pollieu), at Ecoinçon (in Cressin-Rochefort), at Etang de la Rica (in Culoz), at Lac des Alliettes (in Songieu) and at the artificial lake in Glandieu. Only carp in “catch and release”.

  • What kind of fishing can be done in the Séran river?

    Séran river, a first category river for fario trout fishing, is a river that rises in the Valromey, upstream from Grand Abergement, at an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level.
    At the level of Artemare, the Groin, the Yon River and various streams flow into the Séran.

    Downstream, the Séran, fed by the Rhone water table, flows through the Lavours marsh. Trout are still fished here, although populations are clearly decreasing, unlike grayling fishing which is now prohibited. This part is managed by the AAPPMA of Belley and Culoz-Artemare.
    The fishing lots of the public domain are located on the communes of Artemare, Ceyzerieu, Béon, Flaxieu and Cressin-Rochefort.

  • What fishing can be done in the Furans river?

    The Furans river takes its source on the village of Rossillon. The Furans receives the waters of the Arène river, near Pugieu.

    Fishing is no-kill on the Séran river and Furans river reserves.

    The public domain fishing lots are located on the communes of Andert-Condon, Arbignieu (Peyzieu) and Brens.

  • Where to buy a fishing card in Bugey ?

    – Online: I choose my fishing card
    – At the fishing store in Artemare, MDC Loisirs et Passions : 04 79 81 31 40
    – Virieu-le-Grand, Maison de la presse : 04 79 87 85 58
    – Gamm vert in Champagne-en-Valromey : 04 79 87 60 25

  • What regulations are applied?

    Any fisherman with a fishing card and a CPMA stamp can fish on all public domains in France (1st and 2nd category).
    Reciprocity allows fishermen from other departments to fish on the lots managed by the AAPPMAs without extra charge.
    Find more details on the website of the departmental fishing federation.

  • Is it possible to fish by boat on the lake of Barterand?

    Yes, a €25 year-round boat stamp is mandatory for anyone fishing by boat on lake Barterand.
    The practice of “trolling, drifting or any technique resembling it” as well as fishing for carp more than halfway across the lake or after another station are strictly prohibited.

  • What are the prices of the different fishing cards?

    The annual reciprocal card for adults is on sale at €85.
    The annual reciprocal card for minors is on sale at €25.50.

    The annual interdepartmental card allows you to fish in many other departments, including Isère, Rhône and Saône-et-Loire. It is sold at 110 €.

    The annual discovery card for less than 12 years old is on sale at 7 €.

    You are on vacation in Bugey Sud and you want to fish for a day or a week:
    Rates for a week: €35
    Rates for a day: €12