Sortie découverte des oiseaux migrateurs à Groslée

Discovering migratory birds

Nature and relaxation, Entertainment/recreation, initiation / discovery during an event, Animals, Storytelling walk in Groslée-Saint-Benoit
  • Bugey Sud Actif offers a commented film evening on "Birds in world cinema".

  • What does a naturalist do when he goes to the cinema? He listens, he watches ... And they see lots of details that only they can see ... How do birds find their way into our cinemas? How do film-makers look at birds? We might think it insignificant, a bird song in a soundtrack, a furtive silhouette in the corner of an image... And yet, when we pay attention, we discover that birds are everywhere in the cinema: a whole world of cries, songs and wingbeats populate the screens.
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • On April 6, 2024